Monster Truck: Get behind the wheel of a powerful monster truck, conquer obstacles, and crush everything in your path in this thrilling game.

Monster Truck – Start your engines and get ready to crush some cars in this game! This addictive stunt driving game puts you behind the wheel of a hulking monster truck as you smash through challenging obstacle courses. With destructible environments and realistic physics, this game lets you live out all your vehicle-trampling fantasies.

In this game, courses are littered with rickety barns, abandoned cars, ramps and more to plow through. Tilt your device to steer the beefy truck as you build speed bursts to devastate anything in your path. Feel that cathartic crunch as you crumple cars beneath your giant tires! Unlock new monster trucks with unique stats to leave even bigger paths of destruction.

The responsive tilt controls and convincing physics sell the monster truck simulation. Watch your chunky truck tear through destructible walls, flip and roll realistically, catch big air off jumps, and spew smoke from sudden stops. With dozens of courses set in farms, cities, and more, the automotive carnage is always varied.

For gearheads with a craving for destruction, this game crushes it with accessible pick-up-and-play gameplay and satisfaction of flattening obstacles. So rev that engine, because it’s time to go on a big-wheeled rampage!

How to play Monster Truck:

  • Tilt your device left and right to steer the monster truck.
  • Tap the gas pedal on screen to accelerate. Release to brake.
  • Build up speed then smash through destructible obstacles like walls, cars, etc.
  • Hit ramps and objects to catch big air and perform stunts.
  • Complete objectives like distance, destruction score, or time targets.
  • Collect coins scattered around courses to upgrade and unlock new trucks.
  • Choose different monster trucks with varied stats like speed and strength.
  • Master driving physics like weight transfer and traction for control.
  • Explore different themed courses like farmland, downtown, desert, etc.
  • Unleash your inner monster and destroy everything in sight!

With easy tilt controls and satisfying destruction physics, Monster Truck lets anyone experience intense truck smashing fun. So start that beastly engine and go demolish some courses!